Ben can Paint

This is my buddy Ben. Ben’s a painter. Ben has a fuzzy, hairy artstyle. His paintings look as soft as a big ol’ throw rug you’d walk over at grandma’s house. He drew the Penguin Latte Podcast logo. It won 26 Podcast Logo awards. Eat your heart out, 99designs. Now look at Ben’s cow. What […]

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My Million Dollar Blog: Secrets to Making Millions as an Influencer

MY MILLION DOLLAR BLOG isn’t real. Never will be. No million dollar tweet. No million dollar YouTube video. Virality is boring. What, your 1 creation circulates all channels, spews out of all mouths, for all of 15 minutes? 15 minutes! Sounds like I’m exaggerating, but you know that viral videos come and go as quickly […]

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Trained to Hate: The Movie

Hi. Hope you’re having a relaxing long weekend. I took yesterday’s blog and turned it into a video. I think we’re driving ourselves mad with all this talk about Hate and Whiteness and Fragility and MicroMacroAggressions and Unconscious Sin. I hope this video entertains and enlightens you. White Guy Talks About White Fragility, White Guilt, […]

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Rosie Sherry: In the Court of the Community Queen (#65)

Spotify | Apple | Watch on YouTube I can’t do anything I don’t have my heart set to. ROSIE SHERRY The word “community” is synonymous with Rosie Sherry. She’s the powerhouse behind Orbitmodel, RosielandHQ, and IndiewomenHQ. In this conversation we talk digital communities and why they’re rad, sending your kids to school at the beach, […]

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