The Penguin Latte Podcast #1: Nathan Rogers on Freedom in Motion and Lessons from Parkour I’m joined in this episode by my friend Nathan Rogers, who co-owns Freedom In Motion Parkour Gym. We’ve known each other since High School. You can watch Nathan do backflips and other dangerous things that I’ll never do at @crunchywallfulls In this episode we talk about: How to find hobbies that make you money […]

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Moving backward

The harshest judge in the world is you. And the most beautiful writer in the world is also you. Because when you’re writing, you’re actually writing. Words will flow from your mind to your fingers and onto the page like newborn chicks popping out of an egg. You’re writing and you can’t stop writing and […]

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Sunday Thanks

Here’s a thank you to those who’ve shown up the most to join these conversations. Your conversations, comments and gifts are what matter most to me. Because good content without good conversation is content that fills the echo chamber. Thanks to: April, Wendy, Rich, David, Bjorn, Jess, Paul (great name), Razcal, Orlando, Sebastian, Nathan, Michelle, […]

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The sound of crickets

is an acquired taste. You wrote and deleted and rewrote and revised and got feedback and would not sleep before it’s done. And then? Crickets. The good news is that crickets aren’t a tough crowd. They’ll always fill the seats if nobody else shows up. They’re easy to impress. And they’re bad at throwing rotten […]

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