How many meaningful interactions have you had with strangers? People who follow you on social media are ‘strangers’, but they follow you because they’re members of the niche. They have similar taste. They stick around to hear your messages. They listen. They care. They wait for you to show up, and they’re glad that you […]

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Inspiration, Intention

Inspiration will not wait until you’ve had the perfect cup of organic dark roast from Mexico. Nor will it wait for Pandora to find you the perfect song, or for Amazon to find you the perfect journal to capture your perfect ideas. But it might be true that inspiration waits for intention. That having a […]

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Gurus and Guides

You meditate everyday. How come you’re not peaceful all the time? You’ve read all those books. You’ve listened to all those podcasts. How come you don’t know all the answers yet? What would happen if we stopped flocking around those who seem to have it all figured out? What would happen if we stopped holding […]

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On Habits

I haven’t read any books on habit change, but I know that the popular literature suggests identifying with your habits – by being the kind of person who (habit). Using a sample size of one (me), and having read zero books on the subject, I’ve come to the conclusion that it works. Do you want […]

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In The Meantime

  What will you do in the meantime? Before your surroundings are just perfect, with that right temperature of coffee, proper lighting, no distractions, just pure, uninterrupted flow? What will you do before you’ve entered that elusive state which comes, of course, after you’ve worked through every excuse that you’ve used to rationalize the reason […]

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Cool to Share

Today, you have a chance to share something, whether or not you created it. Though they’re thousands of miles away from us, somebody can see what we’ve shared, and they can join us in our feelings of enthusiasm for the art, despite being in a completely different culture than ours. And it’s exactly because they’re […]

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