Fluff and Trim

Here’s a creativity hack, if there ever was one. It’s called Fluff and Trim. Fluff – just write, or draw, or paint whatever comes to mind, without any judgement of how good it is. Fluff up the word count. Let it all out. Increase now, lessen later. Function over form. Trim – go back and […]

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With that in mind,

we can shift our posture, change our attitude about a situation, frame a mistake in a way that’s less self-destructive, understand ourselves and other people with a higher degree of empathy. And with that in mind, we’re equipped with sharper mental models which we can use to override our default emotional reactions to situations that we […]

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Make Something Everyday

Everyday, we (hopefully) brush our teeth, wash ourselves, eat three meals, and talk to other people. But we’re surprised when the act of making something is part of someone’s daily routine. We’re surprised because it’s an odd habit, a habit that makes us think, “oh, that sounds like something I could [or used to] do.” […]

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The New Local

Local has changed. Local still means the family businesses down the street or the barking dog next door. But now, thanks to the Internet, local includes the people who live hundreds or thousands of miles away who are either creating the content that you’re consuming or consuming the content that you’re creating. Physically, it can […]

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