Permission to quit

If your blog fails, you’ll have at least gotten better at writing. If your podcast fails, you’ll have at least gotten better at speaking. If your YouTube channel fails, you’ll have at least gotten better at presenting yourself in front of a camera. If your venture fails, you’ll have at least learned how complicated it […]

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Readings and Riffs – A New Show from Penguin Latte

I have a habit of chain-reading books. It’s like chain-smoking, but with books. After finishing a book, I’ll immediately pick up a new book to read. What kind of books am I reading? Books about psychology, culture, sushi, creativity, business, self-development, writing, marketing, philosophy; seemingly disparate subjects that have nothing to do with each other. […]

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Calm and Connected

Calm and collected? That was before. Calm because we would collect with like-minded people at stadiums, churches, coffee shops, restaurants. Now, we’re calm and connected. Calm because we can connect with like-minded people through Zoom rooms, Skype calls, virtual co-working spaces, blogs (my favorite), email newsletters, social media groups. Of course, connecting is not the […]

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This Instead Of That

Instead of doing this, you should be doing that. You’re doing things. And while you’re doing things, you’re probably making mistakes. You’re aware of some of those mistakes, but you’re also unaware of the dozens of other mistakes that you’re making. Unaware, of course, until somebody tells you what those mistakes are. No matter how […]

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