Breaking In

“If I could just break into (the Hollywood of my craft), then I’d be happy.” It’s possible to break in by being picked over many other candidates. Possible, but unlikely. The picker could have dozens of reasons for not picking you. It’s possible to break in by honing your craft, having your work speak for […]

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Some Nonsense

The successful writers have access to the magic words. The successful players have access to the magic equipment. The successful mime has access to the magic gestures. All nonsense. Here’s the last bit of nonsense: your success is in the hands of the gatekeepers, the publishers, the casting directors, the Chairman of The Guild of […]

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Ichi-go Ichi-e

Ichi-go ichi-e – One encounter, one chance. One time, one meeting. This might be the last time you get to make an impact, use your voice, move things forward, contribute to the conversation, instill a sense of direction, shift somebodies perspective, change the course of somebodies life. There are hundreds of opportunities handed to you each […]

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Fact-Checked By Ego

Fact-checkers: People who get paid to spend months making sure that every single statement is true and correct. Do artists have the luxury of having fact-checkers for their work? How can the artist know if their work is ready to be shared, if it’s good enough to be shared, if it’s good at all, if […]

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Show And Leave

How can we share what we’ve learned, help each other out, provide guides and create tutorials, if those we’re helping could figure it out themselves? One way could be to show and leave. By saying, “It looks like this,” instead of, “it’s done exactly like this. If you don’t do it exactly like this, you […]

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