These are the most expensive things in the world

Worry Jealousy Fear Rumination Checking Complaining Unchanneled anger Making boring work Making products that nobody wants A lack of self-respect A tendency to shrug off all responsibility to someone else Being too nice Being an asshole Letting other people make your schedule Letting other people make decisions for you Consuming more than you create Arguing […]

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Can you teach online?

Do you need expertise to teach online? Do you need a certificate? Do you need a degree? No. No. No. But that doesn’t mean that online teachers have no standards. The revolution of online courses and teachers-as-entrepreneurs will flourish so long as barriers are lowered and standards are raised. Online courses do what the ivory […]

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No Differences? No Culture.

The death of culture is the death of dialogue, debate, and discourse. Dialogue, debate, and discourse all depend on a celebration and acceptance of differences in views. You should celebrate when someone openly expresses their arguments against yours. That proves you’re not living in a decadent, totalitarian society. And that’s a damn good reason to […]

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The Surge

I sometimes get this feeling that I’m calling The Surge. The Surge feels like ideas are trying to birth their way through my fingers. I work quicker under the influence of The Surge. And because I’m working quicker, I don’t overwork. The Surge is an amplified desire to create something no matter how crappy. It’s […]

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RocketSnail — The Making of Club Penguin and Building Online Worlds (#62)

Spotify | Apple | Watch on YouTube Some people think of things as a product. Some people think of it as a network or a community. I think Club Penguin was a community…What matters is that you gave permission for a community to gather. ROCKETSNAIL Today on the podcast I have the honor of speaking […]

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Emmy Sobieski — Marathon Running and Kicking Ass at Age 50 and Beyond (#61)

Spotify | Apple | Watch on YouTube So no matter what it is, and what age you are, you’re not that far away from your dream. It’s way easier than you think. EMMY SOBIESKI Emmy Sobieski is an athlete, marathon runner, and entrepreneur who’s held all 3 positions successfully at the same time. Between the […]

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Going for 99

This morning I woke up from a dream about this exact blog post. And since I have nothing more intelligent to share than a dream I had about an MMO I haven’t played in half a decade, here you go. When I went for 99 cooking, I went to the cooking guild range and cooked. […]

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