The Heavens and Bedrock

Negative people are sure of themselves. Their objective: make other people feel bad. And they do this with conviction, assured that they’re absolutely, definitely, positively making the right choice. Besides the threat of a nuclear disaster, or a tornado, since when is downward a good place to go? Positive people act with uncertainty. Positive people […]

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The Penguin Latte Podcast #77: Mike Harlow Pisses Off America

Spotify | Apple | Watch on YouTube Mike Harlow is what you’d get if Ben Shapiro and Elle Woods had a baby (his words, not mine). He’s a super cool guy who’s standing up for everyone’s right to standup for themselves. Mike Harlow is an actor, speaker, Social Media “nonfluencer”, and master of the Momofuku […]

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William Basinski: 20 Years Disintegration Loops

All great art is the attempt to put into words, sounds, and pictures something impossible. On September 11, 2001, perhaps by accident, William Basinski captured the sound of death, decay, disintegration…the sound of a new epoch, the sound of something impossible. From Wikipedia: The Disintegration Loops is a series of four albums by American avant-garde composer William Basinski released […]

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Invisible design

Remember that time you finished reading that book without realizing you had been reading? Or that movie you enjoyed so much you forgot you were in a theatre? Or that video game that filled you with a new sense of confidence and purpose? The design of a thing shapes our experience of it. The best […]

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Writing is living. What you do throughout your life you do because of what you value. You wouldn’t become a chef if you hated cooking. You wouldn’t become a veterinarian if you hated animals. Just as through living we reveal to ourselves what we value most, through writing the writer reveals what she values most. […]

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Blog it!

Blog. Blog like it’s 2006. Blog like it’s going out of style (like it has been for the last 15 years). Create a space where you can share (and own!) your point of view. Instagram and Facebook and Twitter don’t count (they own it, not you). I prefer WordPress. Don’t blog for money. Don’t blog […]

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