Tiny Mountains

  The benefits of creating something each day: reinforced habit, a portfolio of work, the satisfaction of having climbed a tiny mountain. The habit of creating something each day produces a portfolio of work. A portfolio of work that you can look back on and see the hundreds of tiny mountains that you’ve climbed. Each […]

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The How can be copied. The How is a guide. The How includes the What and the Where. What to do, what not to do, what to keep, where to add, where to remove. The How is collaboration. Somebody else can follow your How, and you can follow theirs.¬† The Why can’t be copied. The […]

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Uncertain Expectations

An attachment to expectations is a form of micromanagement. Not every variable can be calculated. Not every member of the gallery will like your painting of a chinstrap penguin. An attachment to expectations brings an attachment to elements you just can’t control. Even if you do get the results you wanted, it’s likely that some […]

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Behind Great

Behind that great painting is a lousy painting. Hundreds of lousy paintings made up of hundreds of lousy brush strokes. Behind that great book are sentences rearranged and words removed. The hundreds of words you read in that book are the hundreds of words that have replaced the words that didn’t quite fit. It’s likely […]

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Will, Was, Do

It’s hard not to think about the work you’re about to do. “The words will come out in exactly this order. Will I be able to practice well enough? Tomorrow’s competition will be fierce. Has the other team been practicing smarter than we have?” It’s just as hard not to think about the work you’ve […]

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Do Nothing as if your life depends on it. Become a No-Pro. Doing Nothing has only one rule: No cellphone. Examples of Doing Nothing: Walking. Writing in a journal. Napping. Eating an apple. Petting the cat. Sitting. Doing Nothing is not the same as procrastination. Procrastination is an act of delaying. Doing Nothing is an […]

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Care For Doing

The practice of what was once fun can quickly become a source of distress. Care too little and the quality of your art will suffer. Care too much and the quality of your well-being will suffer. Care just enough to commit to doing without any attachment to results now or later.

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Multi-Reads of 2019

Read to go beyond trivia. Read the great books because the wisdom from the great books was hard fought. Read so that you can embody the lessons not by memorization but though action. These are my most read books of 2019. Man’s Search For Meaning – Viktor Frankl (Three times – I even created a […]

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