Will, Was, Do

It’s hard not to think about the work you’re about to do. “The words will come out in exactly this order. Will I be able to practice well enough? Tomorrow’s competition will be fierce. Has the other team been practicing smarter than we have?” It’s just as hard not to think about the work you’ve […]

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Do Nothing as if your life depends on it. Become a No-Pro. Doing Nothing has only one rule: No cellphone. Examples of Doing Nothing: Walking. Writing in a journal. Napping. Eating an apple. Petting the cat. Sitting. Doing Nothing is not the same as procrastination. Procrastination is an act of delaying. Doing Nothing is an […]

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Care For Doing

The practice of what was once fun can quickly become a source of distress. Care too little and the quality of your art will suffer. Care too much and the quality of your well-being will suffer. Care just enough to commit to doing without any attachment to results now or later.

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Multi-Reads of 2019

Read to go beyond trivia. Read the great books because the wisdom from the great books was hard fought. Read so that you can embody the lessons not by memorization but though action. These are my most read books of 2019. Man’s Search For Meaning – Viktor Frankl (Three times – I even created a […]

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Routine And Procedure

Routine is flexible. Routine lets you decide. Routine can transform itself to fit whatever qualities you’ve decided are essential to your next performance. Procedure is inflexible. Procedure is rigid. Procedure is step one, two, and three. Procedure is starting exactly here and finishing exactly there. Neither one is better than the other, but both have […]

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Least Most Resistance

Do less than you think you’re capable of doing today. Care about the work, but do just enough so that you’ll still look forward to doing the work tomorrow. Adrenaline only lasts for so long. “But I want to push myself.” Counter-intuitive and unproductive for the long game. (And it’s always going to be a […]

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