Where’s My A?

It took me four days to write that. I spent twelve weeks on that project. It took me so long to get over my fear of the gap before making that jump. I rewrote that code eighteen times. I spent four hours just organizing the citations. Where’s my A? If it was only about how […]

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The Hard Part

If you’re asking yourself what to create next, keep going. Keep asking. Never quit asking. Even if the answers aren’t always obvious. Create work that gets criticized and judged. That’s better than work that gets ignored, or worse, never gets created at all. Create work that can’t be replicated with obedience. Create work that can […]

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  If you’re 25, what advice would you give to your 20-year-old self? Here’s a more useful question. What advice would your future self give to you now? If you choose to spend the next two months staying dormant in your room, in two months you’ll have become your future self that chose to stay […]

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Who can write the best story in under 15 minutes? Why bother? Limitations are useful until they’re too limiting. The best story written in under 15 minutes is impressive for being written in under 15 minutes. That kind of limitation puts a limit on quality. A story can only be so good if it’s written […]

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Exchange comfort in the present for results that you want in the future. Working out: Lift the heaviest weights you can handle. Run for as long as you can. Exchange comfort for pain to your body, and eventually you’ll get results. Working on your craft: Ignore all of the distractions that seem to manifest only […]

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Professionals make mistakes at the highest levels of competition. Points for winning. No points for perfect execution. Human performances excite a crowd. It’s the stories of the performers; the underdogs, the up and comers, the upsets, the possibilities and surprises that make human performances worth seeing. Artificial performances (AI vs AI), are for seeing the […]

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