Feel Good Uni

Pick one: You attend a 4-year university that prides itself solely on meritocracy. You meet intelligent people who teach you about the mysterious beauty of existence; you’re trained to think on your own, write essays, examine both sides of an argument. You learn the basics of personal finance, the importance of networking, how the economy […]

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Death Grips Leadership

On social media you’re called a leader if you have 100k followers retweeting your advice on getting more followers and 6 e-books on how to get more followers who retweet your advice on getting more followers to follow you forever. People who have large accounts on social media — that’s who we call leaders these […]

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If you can’t disagree with your friends, can you really call them your friends?

Trying to force somebody to see things the way you do. That’s not the same as disagreeing with them. No, there’s a word for that: it’s called being a jackass. Earlier I defended individualism. A friend disagreed. And I can still call him a friend because our disagreement didn’t end up in total destruction. Did […]

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Reciprocity of Mind

One of the most transformative realizations I’ve had is that my mind is a thing I own. And like all things I own, the quality of goods it produces will shape my relationship with it. And since I’m talking about my mind and the thoughts it produces, the boundaries of the relationship expand to the […]

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