Born Good

No one ever is. There is no “good at writing” gene. Crawling out the womb with tendencies towards certain behaviors? Yes. That’s called personality. Everyone has that. But what about heredity? Both of my brothers jump into burning buildings for a living. I decided to…do whatever the hell this is. Yeah, I could have become […]

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Cages and Vistas: How to Be an Attractive Conversationalist

Good conversationalists lead people with whom they’re speaking to towards vistas. Vistas are sprawling, psychic valleys of old memories behind and new ideas ahead. Valleys as wide as the mind can remember and imagine. These valleys are for exploration, play, and curiosity. Conversationalists incept vistas into people’s imaginations with explorative questions. Composed of only a […]

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Dismissive words

Just as the “so-called left” (or the “online left” as Anna Khachiyan calls it), uses “bigot/sexist/transphobe/racist, etc.” to dismiss the right, the right uses words and acronyms like woke, PC, SJW, and D.I.E (now called D.E.I) to dismiss the left. Make whatever arguments you want against and for either side. Both use certain words as […]

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I made a book

Made, because it’s a collection of some of my best blog posts (according to me) from last year. It’s a compilation, a curation, a selection of deep cuts. There’s just two pages of original writing. The book has pictures you can look at and words you can read. You can buy the book with money […]

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