Nothing to it

If you’re looking at good art or reading a good book, and the artist you’re engaging with makes it look easy, that’s because they’ve spent thousands of hours making it seem so. Anything executed masterfully – from throwing a baseball to painting a cow – is executed with only the most essential elements. For the […]

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Everyone can write

If you have an opinion, you can write. Even the most brainwashed preprogrammed NPC has an opinion about something. Everyone has opinions, everyone can write. “But I can’t write well!” Writing well and writing are two different things. Not everyone can write well, but everyone can write. When you start writing, you’ll write badly. But […]

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Applying Myself

“Doesn’t apply himself.” Or something like that, a remark which followed me around all through grade school. “Does well when he applies himself.” But I usually didn’t. I barely graduated high school. All throughout Kindergarten up until 12th grade, I rarely tried. And when I did, I did well. But I usually didn’t. I often […]

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