Just how important is marketing?

Very. Marketing happens whenever you talk about yourself and your ideas in public. If you’re like most people living in 2021, you’re always marketing. You’re not doing marketing that major companies seek. You’re doing personal marketing. Examples include… Tweeting. Instagramming. TikTok Twerking. Publishing that lo-fi bedroom pop recording on Spotify. That’s all marketing. Anytime you […]

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I want to teach total video noobs how to make a video that gets seen by thousands.

I’m building a self-paced course on video editing. This is hard because it’s also a course on storytelling. And a course on storytelling is also a course on marketing. So it’s like I’m trying to kill 3 birds with 1 stone. The tutorials should be quick but not too fast, simple but useful, and at […]

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Ungrowing Pains

You will feel more pain if you choose to not make decisions for yourself not assert yourself when appropriate (and it’s usually more appropriate than you think) not lean into your strengths not take control of how you spend your time not take control of with whom you spend your time not ignore people who […]

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After the Hoopla

Hey friends, I’ve got an exciting announcement for tomorrow! (5,000 likes) Today I’m launching a thing and it’s NEW! (1 million likes) Introducing, my podcast! (1 million likes) Introducing, my blog! (1 million likes) Introducing, Me! (5 billion likes) But then… Episode 57 of my podcast is up with CEO of Big Company (14 likes) […]

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