Where’s your podcast?

Your chance to connect with someone reach out show them you care be willing to listen, carefully laugh at your mistakes (and correct them) hold yourself accountable expose yourself to different views take on the burden of intentional naivete learn graphic design, microphone and camera basics create something special in real time play around in […]

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On the future and evolution of The Penguin Latte Podcast

Though the main character still lives in a pineapple under the sea, the first episode of SpongeBob is incomparable to the latest. (Long, but relevant tangent: I mean the last episode of the last real season – season 3. Episodes beyond that are ‘over evolved’, a parody of itself. It’s the ‘Zombie Simpsons’ Phenomena, aka […]

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Moving the needle

Adding timestamps. Rendering. Coming up with a title. Making a design, with the right resolution, file size and extension. Scheduling the post for 5 AM every Monday and Friday on WordPress, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Reaching out to people. Letting them know you care about them and their work and you’d be thrilled to have a […]

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I hate alcohol

“Would you like some more wine?” She asked me. I said yes, and now I’m writing this to you from the throes of a hangover. Our idea of fun is putting poison in our bodies and then throwing up 6 hours later. Yeah, sounds great sign me up. Why do we do this? I don’t […]

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