Hey, don’t toss out your old zoom files.

I’ll turn your old zoom meetings into a work of art that turns viewers into diehard fans.

TRAILER: Performative Speakers

Client: Robbie Crabtree

Ethos: Made to capture the spirit of the first cohort of a world-class public speaking course.
Here’s a conversation I had with the course creator, Robbie Crabtree.

Result: Within the first 5 hours, the video gained over 650 views on Twitter.

TRAILER: Writer’s Bloc

Client: Writer’s Bloc

Ethos: Montage video for the online writing community Writer’s Bloc. Curious to know more? Here’s a conversation I had with their co-creator, Cullin McGrath.

Within the first 24 hours, the video gained over 700 views with 8 retweets.
As of December 1st 2020, 1,300 views on Twitter.

TRAILERS: How Did You Learn That?

Client: Andrew Barry

Ethos: Made to fit a podcast for curious people.

Click here to see the other videos I made for the show.

TRAILERS: The Penguin Latte Podcast

Client: Me

Ethos: I get to have fun too, sometimes.

Here’s some more trailers I’ve made for my show:

Let’s create something stellar.

Send me the name of your course or community + any questions.

Please include:

  • Number of marketing assets (graphics, logos, copywriting)
  • Number of videos (recorded zoom meetings)
  • The values, lessons, and messages you want to embed in the videos
Level 1 – Snap
  • 1 trailer. For smaller courses and communities with 1-3 hours of video content.
Level 2 – Crackle
  • 1-3 videos. For medium sized courses and communities with several hours of video content to sort through.
Level 3 – Pop!
  • 4-6 videos. For large courses and communities with several days worth of video content.

Undecided? No rush. Let’s talk about you and your work.


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A: Nope.