The Winter of Health and Gratitude.

Not every journalist is Satan incarnate. No, following power laws, only a few of them are. Only a few of them are paid large sums of money to write headlines designed to seduce you into a weakened state of fear and suggestibility. Earlier I read a headline that went, "California Omicron cases TRIPLED in a … Continue reading The Winter of Health and Gratitude.

Anthony Eichberger: The Hypocrisy of Political Correctness and The Radical Left | Penguin Latte Podcast #88

Anthony Eichberger is a gay, millennial, pagan/polytheist, disabled, rural-born, politically independent writer with a focus on American politics and culture war issues. His Medium articles have been read by thousands of readers on some of the most popular political columns on the platform. What I love about Anthony is that when we disagree politically it … Continue reading Anthony Eichberger: The Hypocrisy of Political Correctness and The Radical Left | Penguin Latte Podcast #88

Not to be crossed

Most people hold beliefs about most people that end up being over generalizations about most people. Even if you and I belong to the same community, there will always be a boatload of differences in opinion and thought distinguishing you from I. Those differences mark borders between us. And the borders aren't closed, or at … Continue reading Not to be crossed

Nothing Based about That

Here's two groups of problems: A full tank of gas now costs you $46 because of inflation. You run a small business and you can barely afford to pay your employees the new $16 minimum wage. You've got a family of 3 to feed, and now, because of inflation, you can't afford to buy extra … Continue reading Nothing Based about That

Diversity in Nature, Diversity in Corporate

Although I don't know you, I think it's safe to say that you and I are vastly unlike. And should we happen to share the same skin color or gender, I doubt we share the same agreements, ideas, perspectives. Because, perfect twins excluded, it's unlikely for two people to behave and think and feel exactly … Continue reading Diversity in Nature, Diversity in Corporate

Opting Out of Outrage

The corporate press controls the narrative, the narrative controls what you should be upset about, how upset you should be about it. Until you opt out of the game. The really insidious thing is that if you're not outraged, it can feel like you're missing out on a really fun party. A really fun party … Continue reading Opting Out of Outrage

Banning books benefits nobody.

Criticize. Scrutinize. Debunk. Examine. Question. But don't remove. Don't ban. And whatever you do, don't burn. Even if a particular book is incompatible with an institution's reigning political dogma, wouldn't it be educational to examine, to criticize the book by the criteria of that reigning political dogma? Banning books benefits absolutely nobody - even the … Continue reading Banning books benefits nobody.

Please Don’t Ban Books.

Progressive or conservative, it doesn't matter. Don't "update" your school's curriculum to match your political ideology. According to that article, the school board simply agreed with the student's observation that Lord of The Flies = White Supremacy. That's all it took! A simple agreement! "Yes, you're right! We did not know that Lord of The … Continue reading Please Don’t Ban Books.

The Science Good

A banner on the side of a bus tells me to, "believe the science, not the fiction." Imbedded within this sloganeering is the idea that fiction itself is nonsense. This carefully organized sequence of words, "believe the science, not the fiction" is designed to arouse that part of you which drinks itself silly on the … Continue reading The Science Good