Austin Calvert and the rise of social money

The new American dream is to be the next YouTube star. Platforms like YouTube continue to profit as more and more creators flock to the endless gold rush of likes and subscribes. But while the value and popularity of these platforms has gone up, the value of the creators - those people working hard to… Continue reading Austin Calvert and the rise of social money

Making stuff is easy

Hosting a podcast. Writing a blog. Sending out a newsletter. These things aren't that difficult. What's a podcast, anyway? One or two people talking into a mic about stuff that other people might find interesting? What could be so hard about that? And what, exactly, is a blog post? Words on a screen under a… Continue reading Making stuff is easy

Two sides

You can be your harshest critic. (Nothing wrong with a high standard.) You can build a studio out of your own bedroom.(Building a WordPress site is a lot cheaper than building a Disneyland.) And your Twitter feed, blog, and inbox can be an open road to the people who love hearing from you.(Handwritten thank-you notes… Continue reading Two sides

Bother because you need to

Writing a blog post, recording a podcast, speaking to an audience, delivering something creative -- these things take effort. And not only because writing something burns calories (I'm guessing it's no more than the amount you burn while you sleep). But because it takes a lot of effort to say No. To say No to… Continue reading Bother because you need to

Cam Houser: Cloning Yourself with Video, Being Human on Camera, Creating Scalable Content, and Face-Melting Cocktails (#25)

Your craft gets better when you start to find joy in the process. Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple | Watch on YouTube Cam Houser (@cahouser) is the founder of Actionworks and 3daystartup, and professor at UT Austin where he teaches a course called Creative Entrepreneurship. He's also the writer of a weekly newsletter… Continue reading Cam Houser: Cloning Yourself with Video, Being Human on Camera, Creating Scalable Content, and Face-Melting Cocktails (#25)

Playdough: thoughts on a social dilemma

Attention is not only scarce, it's malleable. What we see is informed by our belief systems. What are belief systems made out of? Information. The information we feed our brains everyday shapes our habits, beliefs, and decisions. But if we don't understand from where and from whom we're getting the information that informs our everyday… Continue reading Playdough: thoughts on a social dilemma

Variety is a constraint

Every design choice is a sacrifice. A podcast about the financial markets can't be a podcast about the psychology of religion. And if you're blogging about about a variety of subjects, it's likely that you won't be the go-to expert on the probability theories of economics. Variety is a choice, and so it's a constraint… Continue reading Variety is a constraint

Dumb mistakes I’ve made as a podcaster: polished is better than perfect

Done isn't better than perfect. Done isn't good enough. Polished is better than perfect. Polished means you're paying attention. Polished means you're not rushing it. Polished means no multitasking* because if you do, you'll let too many oversights through the gate of the publish button. By all means, ship your work. Publish something. Start talking… Continue reading Dumb mistakes I’ve made as a podcaster: polished is better than perfect

The Penguin Latte Podcast #17 – Marketing as Self-Expression with Arielle Kimbarovsky

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple | Watch on YouTube Are advertisers evil? Are marketers the scourge of the earth, hell-bent on stealing our attention and selling it off to some nameless corporation? Yes, and no. It's every good marketer's job to capture our attention. And advertisers get paid to understand what makes people want to buy things. But… Continue reading The Penguin Latte Podcast #17 – Marketing as Self-Expression with Arielle Kimbarovsky

Everyone gets a Sunday

In some cultures, Sunday is the beginning of the week. The foundation of the day, grounded in rest and recovery. No matter what culture you're a part of, you're guaranteed one Sunday a week. Of course, not everyone gets to dedicate a whole day to resting. You might be the busy mom who uses Sunday… Continue reading Everyone gets a Sunday