You’re overthinking this

Your voice isn't deep enough. Your lighting isn't perfect. You don't have a camera to capture that pleasing color palette of every great self-improvement youtuber. You're overthinking this. And you know it. Do you have a message that needs eyes and ears? "I need to say this today, and if I don't..." You won't sleep … Continue reading You’re overthinking this

You, Limited

The same keyboard (unless you're a Dvorak). The same 24 hours in a day. You've heard this before. But not the same possibility. Not the same leverage. Not the same indispensable skills. And certainly not the same strange, idiosyncratic interests you obsess over. Those things? They're infinite. They're yours. Infinite possibility, leverage, and creativity. But … Continue reading You, Limited

Swimming downstream

  Creativity is like a river. Everyone jumps into this river with a certain amount of skill. Some of us jump into the river and land in the water, scratch free. It doesn't matter how good I am. I'm going to create these things no matter what. Who can I serve? How can I improve … Continue reading Swimming downstream