You Know Too Much And You Produce Too Little – A Chapter from The Book

Here's a free chapter from my newest book, "But I Have No Original Ideas." You're stuck because you have too much information. You're spending hours on Farnam Street trying to find the perfect mental model. You're reading essays and articles and books on productivity. You're building another brain because the first one wasn't good enough.… Continue reading You Know Too Much And You Produce Too Little – A Chapter from The Book

One click forward (and six steps back)

How long does it take to build something that lasts? Something evergreen? Something like... A blog worth reading everyday? A podcast worth sharing not only with your coworkers, but with your family and friends as well? A piece of code that makes our lives a little less lonely? A book that makes us feel emotions… Continue reading One click forward (and six steps back)

“But I don’t have any original ideas”

Right. Neither do I. Neither does anyone. The idea doesn't belong to you. It belongs to us. Steven Pressfield pointed out that resistance is what gets us stuck. But resistance wasn't his idea. He didn't invent what it feels like to be stuck. Stuck creatives invented what it feels like to be stuck by feeling┬ástuck.… Continue reading “But I don’t have any original ideas”