It’s good to be an influencer.

Influencer. We say it as if it's a bad thing. A modern definition of influencer: someone who does a very good job at convincing someone else that the path to happiness and wealth is found by posting stuff on social media. Your favorite rapper influences you. Your favorite guitarist influences you. I wish we could… Continue reading It’s good to be an influencer.

Rockets: A Year of Posts

If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.Van Gogh Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my daily blog. I knew I'd make it this far, but I didn't think I'd come out alive. But I'm still alive. I'm still writing.And… Continue reading Rockets: A Year of Posts

Jen Vermet — An AltMBA Alumni Shares Her Lessons on Everyday Writing, Courage, and Boosting Your Creative Output (#34)

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple | Watch on YouTube Writing is the function for me that helps me process life and know what I'm experiencing, otherwise I don't know how to articulate it. And if I don't know how to articulate it, nobody else will know the life I'm living.Jen Vermet Hey there.… Continue reading Jen Vermet — An AltMBA Alumni Shares Her Lessons on Everyday Writing, Courage, and Boosting Your Creative Output (#34)

Who’s driving?

We rarely ask. We like to think it's us. We like to think we're the one's behind the wheel, that we know exactly where to go and how to get there. But that's rarely the case. Sitting your ass in the front seat of your life is too much responsibility. Too much pressure. Too much… Continue reading Who’s driving?

You fool! I never know what I'm going to write about until I sit down to write. But that's the fun part. Because the world is rich with opportunities for improv. Improv brings us spontaneity. But spontaneity also brings us the risk of looking like a fool. And so we choose to follow a script, do… Continue reading You fool!

What’s the opposite of a winner?

Not a loser. The opposite of a winner is someone who doesn't know that they're capable of being a winner. You could finish last, and still learn something valuable. Or you could finish last, and quit because the skill ceiling is too high. It doesn't matter if the game is too hard. It doesn't matter… Continue reading What’s the opposite of a winner?

Waking up on purpose

You open your eyes as the alarm shrieks you out of your dream. Or maybe you're one of those freaks who "rises with the sun," as if your body is in a perfect cosmic alignment with the universe. Either way, you're awake. On a typical day, say, on a regular ol' Tuesday, what does the… Continue reading Waking up on purpose

Thoughts on how to make newsletters better

Getting better at a game means getting better at thinking about how to play the game. It's called meta-gaming. Even Monopoly can be meta-gamed. If you're a newsletter writer, it's likely that you follow a lot of newsletter writers on Twitter. And so all you see is newsletter meta-game. This is the best platform. No,… Continue reading Thoughts on how to make newsletters better

The sound of crickets

is an acquired taste. You wrote and deleted and rewrote and revised and got feedback and would not sleep before it's done. And then? Crickets. The good news is that crickets aren't a tough crowd. They'll always fill the seats if nobody else shows up. They're easy to impress. And they're bad at throwing rotten… Continue reading The sound of crickets

Hey Penguin – Week of July 20

Hey all. Welcome to the first Hey Penguin. This is a behind-the-scenes look at what I've been learning and applying to the content that I make. These are the tools and ideas that I've been using to feed the blog, podcast, and the way that I live. Consider this newsletter as evidence that there's no… Continue reading Hey Penguin – Week of July 20