In favor of easy

Self-improvement advice in three words: do difficult stuff. By learning a language, you're also learning discipline (showing up), humility (I don't know this), and sacrifice (I could be watching Netflix). It takes a lot of saying no to anything that isn't studying, and a lot of feeling stupid because learning a language is like...learning a… Continue reading In favor of easy

Selfish and I know it I see something grotesque every time I open WordPress: It's poppin' at 8 in the morning Now, it's not the stats that I see. It's my addiction to numbers. This next paragraph was going to be about how I don't care about the numbers. That I've entered Nirvana. That I've transcended my desire to… Continue reading Selfish and I know it

Easy, difficult These things are easy: Doing homeworkStudying for an examLifting weightsRunningRecording a podcastWriting a blog Everyone knows how to run (it's like walking, but faster). Everyone can look at a book. Everyone can pick up some weights. If you can talk, you can host a podcast. And if you know how to type, you know… Continue reading Easy, difficult