The Penguin Latte Podcast #18 – Greg Frontiero on Nootropics, Coffee for Creative People, Professional Wrestling, and How to Make Something You’re Proud to Sell

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Warning: what follows is a highly caffeinated conversation.

Today I’m speaking with the mighty and magnificent Greg Frontiero (@Sfwgreg on Twitter). As his twitter handle foreshadows, this is not a safe for work episode. So put your kids to bed, grab your best headphones, and buckle in. This is a wild one.

Greg who?

Greg Frontiero is the founder of Noowave, a company that creates products for optimal mental health and function. His companies first product, Flow State Coffee, is designed to help you write your next 15,000 word Essay while interviewing Barrack Obama at the same time. In layman’s terms, it’s a coffee made with L-Theanine and Raw Cacao. In layman’s layman’s terms, it’s a coffee that’ll give you enough energy to present your dissertation without the anxiety of being on your first date.

How can I be sure this episode isn’t just a 2 and a half hour commercial?

Listeners of my podcast know that I’d never plug a product this hard unless I’ve tried it and loved it. This episode is an exception. While I haven’t had a sip of Greg’s coffee, him and I are planning a future episode. The next time we record together, I’ll take my first sip of his coffee. I’ll either love it or hate it. And because I’m such a powerful influencer, it’ll be a moment that’ll either make or break his companies launch. Keep an eye out around the end of October for that episode!

Anyways, this is a two and a half hour conversation. And you can be rest assured knowing we spent only around half an hour talking about his coffee. The rest of our talk reached into the depths and heights of life, creativity, soulless sales jobs, fear and loathing in New York City, meaningful work, Greg’s career as a professional wrestler, favorite books, writing, creating a product you’re proud to sell, and everything else you’d expect from the podcast.

So, please enjoy!

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Show notes and mentions

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A conspiracy theory

You’re not in control. They are.

Not a big pyramid with an eyeball. Not a group of men in suits sitting around a glossy table in a dark room plotting to keep you poor. It’s whoever wrote that outrage tweet. Or that political manifesto on Facebook. Or that comment on your profile picture about how you look like a lizard.

Everyone has dreams. Everyone has values. But not everyone has values that align with their dreams.

Dreaming is easy. So easy that we do it in our sleep.

All you do is fill in this sentence: I dream of _____.  I want to be a writer. I want to sing. I want to see the world. I want to do this and be that.

But coming up with values? deciding what we’re going to ignore? deciding what to say no to, no matter what? That’s difficult. That requires us to set boundaries. And who wants to do that? Who wants to say no to their friends? But it’s a necessary practice, no matter how much we risk looking like a jerk in the short-term.

There isn’t much to fear missing out on when what you’re missing is banal and expedient.

Here’s a better, more useful fear: the fear of missing out on the work that only you can do.

Checking the newest thing isn’t living. If you’re always worried about the newest most outrageous thing, then you’re a puppet. You’re not free to do as you please. You’re letting other people pull your strings.

When your values align with your dreams, they’re no longer in control. You are.