300 is based on a true story

I've never seen 300. All I know is that there's a Spartan king who sacrifices himself and his men for what they believe. Wikipedia says it's loaded with historical inaccuracies (few movies are historically accurate). But whether 300 portrays history exactly as it happened is besides the point. 300 was so successful at the box… Continue reading 300 is based on a true story

The Wrong Way to Read and the Meaning of Insight

https://open.spotify.com/episode/7n834yOH0xztW9cnuHTFBj?si=HM58ZIdaQJKzAisyy88XcA Your mind, like your body, needs the nutrients and vitamins of good ideas in order to survive and thrive. But as we grow older, our ego turns our head away from good ideas like the child avoiding the choo-choo train of a spoonful of peas. Good ideas aren't found out there. They're found in… Continue reading The Wrong Way to Read and the Meaning of Insight

The idea transforms

The idea transforms as it spreads from one psyche to another. Some ideas hit brick walls. Ideas that hit brick walls are ideas that die. All successful people are lucky. You're either born into success or you're not. You need to be picked to be rich and famous and I'll never be picked so I'll… Continue reading The idea transforms

My Most Ambitious Reading Project: The Collected Works of C.G Jung.

Jung was a juggernaut. Inspired by Poor Bjorn's post about his reading the entire “Story of Civilization” by Will Durant, I’d like to share with you what I consider to be my most ambitious reading project: to read through the entire collected works of C.G Jung (The Bollingen Series as translated by RF.C Hull. Can… Continue reading My Most Ambitious Reading Project: The Collected Works of C.G Jung.