Platforms of thought: How to get the most out of Twitter I don't like writing about Social Media. But Twitter is so lifechanging that it's worth talking about one last time. In this post I'll teach you how to get the most out of the Internet's best Social Media platform. To start, here's the best tweet I've read all week. Not only is this… Continue reading Platforms of thought: How to get the most out of Twitter

Making stuff is easy

Hosting a podcast. Writing a blog. Sending out a newsletter. These things aren't that difficult. What's a podcast, anyway? One or two people talking into a mic about stuff that other people might find interesting? What could be so hard about that? And what, exactly, is a blog post? Words on a screen under a… Continue reading Making stuff is easy

You can host a podcast

Because podcasting is the best way to leverage your curiosity. Because a podcast lets you explore the true final frontier: your perspective. And because the barrier to entry has never been lower. There's no gatekeepers. There's no network execs telling you what to say. It's just you, a microphone, and your limitless curiosity. But even… Continue reading You can host a podcast

What’s the opposite of a winner?

Not a loser. The opposite of a winner is someone who doesn't know that they're capable of being a winner. You could finish last, and still learn something valuable. Or you could finish last, and quit because the skill ceiling is too high. It doesn't matter if the game is too hard. It doesn't matter… Continue reading What’s the opposite of a winner?

A few tips from Day Zero of Performative Speaking

Lighting. Clothing. The speed of your voice. Are you looking at the camera, or looking down at the ground? Sit up straight, but don't stiffen up like a skeleton. Is there anything distracting in the background? These details matter. You might have groundbreaking ideas, but it doesn't matter if you can't convince anyone to put… Continue reading A few tips from Day Zero of Performative Speaking

The Penguin Latte Podcast #17 – Marketing as Self-Expression with Arielle Kimbarovsky

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple | Watch on YouTube Are advertisers evil? Are marketers the scourge of the earth, hell-bent on stealing our attention and selling it off to some nameless corporation? Yes, and no. It's every good marketer's job to capture our attention. And advertisers get paid to understand what makes people want to buy things. But… Continue reading The Penguin Latte Podcast #17 – Marketing as Self-Expression with Arielle Kimbarovsky

The highest benchmark for every creator

Two friends asked me if content creators should have separate channels. One channel for business content (whatever that means). Another for personal content. If you think your personal life is more interesting than your job (content creation is a job), yes. And if that's true, then you must know that you're boring yourself and your… Continue reading The highest benchmark for every creator

Everyone gets a Sunday

In some cultures, Sunday is the beginning of the week. The foundation of the day, grounded in rest and recovery. No matter what culture you're a part of, you're guaranteed one Sunday a week. Of course, not everyone gets to dedicate a whole day to resting. You might be the busy mom who uses Sunday… Continue reading Everyone gets a Sunday

The Penguin Latte Podcast #16 – The Wizard of Speech: Robbie Crabtree on Mastering The Spoken Word

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple | Watch on YouTube "Virtually everything you do, on a day to day basis, is public speaking." Communication is everything. The way you speak to yourself and the way you speak to other people is as important as breathing. Your words can either help you get to where… Continue reading The Penguin Latte Podcast #16 – The Wizard of Speech: Robbie Crabtree on Mastering The Spoken Word

Some fundamentals of personal branding

I used to believe that personal branding is personal. It's not. Personal branding is tailored. It's tailored to the subjective experience of whoever engages with your work. Everyone perceives the world in their own way. And your audience experiences your work in their own way, as well. Alice reads a blog on productivity because she… Continue reading Some fundamentals of personal branding