Re:iterations — a few short lessons from making my podcast cover designs

Here's the evolution of my podcast logo. First, this. Then, this. Next, this. Now, this. Some short lessons from doing it myself: Reiteration leads to confidence.By removing the unnecessary bits, you leave space for your personality.Basic is better.Most fonts look terrible. Think of it this way: everyone else wastes time looking for the perfect font,… Continue reading Re:iterations — a few short lessons from making my podcast cover designs

Just like in the movies

In the movies, actors take a beat before saying their next line. Pick any of your favorites, and you'll see this trick in action. You can see this even in movies with complicated dialogue. This works, one hundred percent of the time, because it breathes life into empty space. This works because you cannot help… Continue reading Just like in the movies

Music and the Myth of Genres

Genres exist to make it easier for customers to find what they're looking for. Genres are like a map with labels, arrows, and a legend. Thanks to genres, we can expect a country song to sound this way and a jazz piece to sound that way. But what about the bands that don't easily fit… Continue reading Music and the Myth of Genres

Speed shaving

This morning I caught myself trying to shave as fast as possible. My rationale: this bodily regulation is unnecessary and detrimental to my goals of being successful; shaving is a waste of time, and so I need to shave as fast as I can. What's a bigger waste of time? Boring stuff you have to… Continue reading Speed shaving

“The sacrificial pancake”

The Rule of Suck: the first one is going to be very, very, embarrassingly not so good. What to do? Do the next one. And the next one after that. On and on, serving up hundreds of works to an audience who trusts that you'll get it right -- eventually. Here's Paul McGrath (great name),… Continue reading “The sacrificial pancake”

300 is based on a true story

I've never seen 300. All I know is that there's a Spartan king who sacrifices himself and his men for what they believe. Wikipedia says it's loaded with historical inaccuracies (few movies are historically accurate). But whether 300 portrays history exactly as it happened is besides the point. 300 was so successful at the box… Continue reading 300 is based on a true story

How I meditate

When I sit down to meditate I imagine what would have happened if I won that argument with my old boss while soaring through the sky after having jumped off of a clip to escape a situation I didn't want to be in because I'd rather be doing anything but this since having sex sounds… Continue reading How I meditate

0.0001%* Of Your Life

If you're learning something new, ask yourself: How much of my life have I spent not doing this? 26 years of not speaking in Japanese. 37 years of not surfing. 81 years of not writing a memoir. Of course it's hard. Of course you're forgetting steps, falling off your board, and faltering up the stairs.… Continue reading 0.0001%* Of Your Life

The Penguin Latte Podcast #21 – Jamie Russo: Entrepreneurship for Positive Change and How to Spread A Million Acts of Kindness

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple | Watch on YouTube Warning: my guest today is a very, very kind person. Today on the podcast I'm talking with Jamie Russo (@jamierusso), creator and writer of the Goodnote newsletter. I love Goodnote! And to think of it only as a newsletter would be a mistake. Goodnote… Continue reading The Penguin Latte Podcast #21 – Jamie Russo: Entrepreneurship for Positive Change and How to Spread A Million Acts of Kindness

What’s the opposite of a winner?

Not a loser. The opposite of a winner is someone who doesn't know that they're capable of being a winner. You could finish last, and still learn something valuable. Or you could finish last, and quit because the skill ceiling is too high. It doesn't matter if the game is too hard. It doesn't matter… Continue reading What’s the opposite of a winner?