Why I love Joe

I’d rather be the guy who people look to and say, “how the hell did this idiot get so successful?” The brightest example of this is Joe Rogan. A lot of people scorn Joe Rogan. I get it. He’s an idiot. And he’s successful. Put two and two together and you get what drives many … Continue reading Why I love Joe

Live by your values, but don’t force them onto other people.

One of my values in life is never to succumb to mass hysteria, panic, and fear. I wish more people lived like this, but it’s not my job to force everyone to adopt my values. I don’t like complying with stupid rules. To live as I live is a very stupid rule. As soon as … Continue reading Live by your values, but don’t force them onto other people.

Dealing with assholes

This is something they’ll never teach you in school. Adults can be assholes in ways more pernicious than kids. Kids bully with their fists, adults bully with their caustic, snarky, condescending remarks. Throughout life you will meet people who gain satisfaction at the expense of your feelings. They’ll belittle you, and when you call them … Continue reading Dealing with assholes

Follow the Science…carefully.

The road to truth is paved with error. Since the pandemic began, the phrase “follow the science” has become really popular. It implies this sort of dogmatic, rigid, absolute, unerring aura - as if there’s no such thing as science done poorly. No! Science is always logical, factual, and you’d be a buffoon to think … Continue reading Follow the Science…carefully.

The Winter of Health and Gratitude.

Not every journalist is Satan incarnate. No, following power laws, only a few of them are. Only a few of them are paid large sums of money to write headlines designed to seduce you into a weakened state of fear and suggestibility. Earlier I read a headline that went, "California Omicron cases TRIPLED in a … Continue reading The Winter of Health and Gratitude.

Anthony Eichberger: The Hypocrisy of Political Correctness and The Radical Left | Penguin Latte Podcast #88

Anthony Eichberger is a gay, millennial, pagan/polytheist, disabled, rural-born, politically independent writer with a focus on American politics and culture war issues. His Medium articles have been read by thousands of readers on some of the most popular political columns on the platform. What I love about Anthony is that when we disagree politically it … Continue reading Anthony Eichberger: The Hypocrisy of Political Correctness and The Radical Left | Penguin Latte Podcast #88

Not to be crossed

Most people hold beliefs about most people that end up being over generalizations about most people. Even if you and I belong to the same community, there will always be a boatload of differences in opinion and thought distinguishing you from I. Those differences mark borders between us. And the borders aren't closed, or at … Continue reading Not to be crossed

Nothing Based about That

Here's two groups of problems: A full tank of gas now costs you $46 because of inflation. You run a small business and you can barely afford to pay your employees the new $16 minimum wage. You've got a family of 3 to feed, and now, because of inflation, you can't afford to buy extra … Continue reading Nothing Based about That

Stop Yelling Look At My Art!

The political outrage of the moment is always the unpolitical creator's biggest competitor. And by political and unpolitical I mean being on Twitter shouting about something and not being on Twitter shouting about something. Human attention favors emotion, favors collective I Don't Like This Let's Flip Something Over. Only in the slipstream of our conscious … Continue reading Stop Yelling Look At My Art!