Content as a commodity

is another way to hide. Another page of motivational book quotes. Another SEO-centric blog of SEO tips for grandma. Another "5 things to do before you're 30 according to this guy" infograph. Why use your voice when you can hide behind somebody else's? Don't turn other people's wisdom into a commodity. You can do better… Continue reading Content as a commodity

“But I don’t have any original ideas”

Right. Neither do I. Neither does anyone. The idea doesn't belong to you. It belongs to us. Steven Pressfield pointed out that resistance is what gets us stuck. But resistance wasn't his idea. He didn't invent what it feels like to be stuck. Stuck creatives invented what it feels like to be stuck by feeling┬ástuck.… Continue reading “But I don’t have any original ideas”

Basketball Marketing

Here's my favorite lesson in all of psychology. If you took a class on psychology or marketing, and your professor never showed you this video, demand a refund. They cheated you. See if you can count how many times the basketball is thrown around in this video.   What we perceive to be important,… Continue reading Basketball Marketing