The Banality of Blogging

After more than a year of doing it, blogging everyday feels normal. So normal that opening WordPress and typing words every morning is banal. Ordinary. Regular. But that's the scary part: what we do everyday becomes ordinary. Hannah Arendt pointed out that even atrocity can become ordinary if it's acted out everyday. So why can't… Continue reading The Banality of Blogging

Are you checking or producing?

I put off writing the sentence you're reading now by checking to see if some online bills went through. I spend most of my time thinking I'm being productive, when really, I'm being administrative. You know blogging is scary when you procrastinate by checking to see if your bills finished processing. I spent most of… Continue reading Are you checking or producing?

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Find Work That Suits You

Naval Ravikant once said, "A sick person wants only one thing." I'm sick. I want only one thing - to stop comparing my blog to other people's blogs. Seeing other people's blogs is now a way to inspire and depress me. It's great to see other writers sticking it out on their own, making money… Continue reading How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Find Work That Suits You