The lone samurai is a myth

The wandering vagabond, the lone samurai, the traveling swordsman -- those are myths. Legends. Fairytales. We're not wandering vagabonds, equipped with nothing but a rucksack of supplies. But it's fun to pretend we are (I do it all the time). It's fun to pretend that we're one of the last freelancers in these parts, going… Continue reading The lone samurai is a myth

Thanksgiving, Laziness, and The Denial of Death (#29)

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple | Watch on YouTube All alone on this episode of the show. But not really, because you're here. Talking Thanksgiving, family, laziness, routines, and a book called The Denial of Death. PS: Does The Penguin Latte Podcast remind you of the excitement of fresh presents on Christmas morning? If… Continue reading Thanksgiving, Laziness, and The Denial of Death (#29)