The Penguin Latte Podcast #4 Chris Jordan on Staying Accountable, Fighting Perfectionism, and Freelancing

Don’t build everything up front if you haven’t started talking to people about your service.

This ended up being a special episode for me, personally. I spent the first half hour asking Chris questions about how I could position myself as a personal brand consultant. And he was generous enough to answer every question. I’ll be listening to the first half of this episode a lot as I push myself and my brand further. Even while I listen to this episode to list the talking points below, I’m taking notes on what Chris says about packaging something concrete for your clients.

Later on in the episode, we Chris explores why it’s so hard to keep ourselves accountable with our creative projects.

So, please enjoy! This is one of my favorite episodes so far, and I hope it moves you to take action on your ideas. It’s definitely inspired me to grow my brand in new directions.

Talking Points

  • Distinctions between Chris’s work as a personal brand consultant and a freelance videographer and editor (3:20)
  • Chris answers my questions about how I could become a personal brand consultant. (5:00)
  • How Chris gets clients without having a website, the power of the network (12:00)
  • Preparing yourself to get lucky, starting off as a freelancer (14:30)
  • Starting projects, and stopping projects (18:00)
  • “Sub 4 Subbing” (27:00)
  • What it means to engage in a thoughtful way (30:00)
  • The “why” behind the work (33:00)
  • Packaging yourself and your services (39:00)
  • Figuring out what problems you want to solve as a consultant (40:00)
  • On overthinking (42:00)
  • On authenticity, not trying to sound smart (45:00)
  • Being yourself on camera (48:00)
  • “You are the medium” (50:00)
  • On perfectionism (59:00)
  • Handling uncertainty (1:03:00)
  • What type of people are you trying to help? (1:06:00)
  • The power of saying no, and pricing your services (1:10:00)
  • Going to the clients who care (1:13:00)
  • Fearing not being able to deliver what’s promised (1:19:00)
  • “If you could help one person, you could help a thousand” (1:20:00)
  • Chris’s message to my listeners about outsmarting yourself to avoid regret (1:33:00)

Books Mentioned

The War of Art


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Help I’m being engaged at!

The comments section is the most under-leveraged asset.

It’s not a place to test out your new emoji keyboard.

It’s a place to say, “hey I really like what you said. Let’s take this even further.”

Did someone take time out of their day to write a comment that’s more than three words long? Return the favor.

The comments section is not a place to shortchange empathy, either. The problem isn’t “thanks for this, I needed that.” That’s fine. You said exactly what you wanted to say. The problem is, “if I respond to this, how many more followers will I get?”

Every time I write an essay as a response to a comment, I’m surprised at how surprised people get. It’s sad, actually. How many people are crying out for someone to hear, see, and work to understand? To have someone say, “I sort of get what you’re saying, but could you go further?”

The stereotype of the desperate salesperson has been replaced by the value hound. Sub-for-sub. Free subscribers. You follow me, I follow you. Oh, I see. You’re trying to engage at me, rather than with me.

Being engaged with. That’s what delights us, surprises us, makes us miss you when you’re gone.

Seen, heard, understood.

Eye contact.