PSA: Calling All Swole Nihilists You know what would be really funny? If there were just, like, a really swole nihilist. Just some dude with six pack abs, works the fuck out everyday, but also happens to believe that the world is utterly pointless. And he has, like, three daughters, and his daughters go to some expensive private school,… Continue reading PSA: Calling All Swole Nihilists

Marco Camilo — From Language Mastery to The Afterlife: A Conversation on Biological Systems, Purpose, & Happiness (#39)

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple | Watch on YouTube The best professors are the ones that know how to play with your mind.Marco Camilo This conversation is riveting, informative, practical, and profound. Approach with an open mind. Today I'm joined by Marco Camilo (@_marcocamilo). Marco Camilo is a polyglot and professor of languages… Continue reading Marco Camilo — From Language Mastery to The Afterlife: A Conversation on Biological Systems, Purpose, & Happiness (#39)

All I’ve eaten today is leftover stuffing and three eggs (AHHHH). Also on Spotify! This is how I feel all the time always: AHHHH Meditating? AHHHHm... Writing? AHHHH'm a great writer (or) AHHHH will never touch a keyboard ever again Going to sleep? AHHHH why did I say/do/click on that I will never do anything ever again Getting a haircut? AHHHH want it short, please.… Continue reading All I’ve eaten today is leftover stuffing and three eggs (AHHHH).

Philosophy Means Love of Wisdom That's 'wisdom' - as a verb. The old philosophers treated their bodies and brains as the object that wisdom would act upon. They treated wisdom as something transformative: something that would change the way they thought about themselves and the world. And that's exactly what wisdom is supposed to do. Wisdom is that which… Continue reading Philosophy Means Love of Wisdom

The Wrong Way to Read and the Meaning of Insight Your mind, like your body, needs the nutrients and vitamins of good ideas in order to survive and thrive. But as we grow older, our ego turns our head away from good ideas like the child avoiding the choo-choo train of a spoonful of peas. Good ideas aren't found out there. They're found in… Continue reading The Wrong Way to Read and the Meaning of Insight

You means you!

"Man, this You guy could do anything he wants," I thought as I flipped through the pages of self-help book number 45. The message flew over my head. If a self-help author starts talking about you, they mean you -- not some other guy named You. Yes, you. "What? Me? Oh, no -- there must… Continue reading You means you!

The highest benchmark for every creator

Two friends asked me if content creators should have separate channels. One channel for business content (whatever that means). Another for personal content. If you think your personal life is more interesting than your job (content creation is a job), yes. And if that's true, then you must know that you're boring yourself and your… Continue reading The highest benchmark for every creator

Always more than this Your favorite song is more than a song. It's an expression of who you are. It's why you get defensive when somebody says they'd rather put their ears to a jackhammer. And yeah, you can share the same favorite song as somebody else.. But what the song means to either of you is the… Continue reading Always more than this

Waking up on purpose

You open your eyes as the alarm shrieks you out of your dream. Or maybe you're one of those freaks who "rises with the sun," as if your body is in a perfect cosmic alignment with the universe. Either way, you're awake. On a typical day, say, on a regular ol' Tuesday, what does the… Continue reading Waking up on purpose