Make videos that give your creations the attention they deserve

Like this one

Learn and practice the techniques I use to produce thumb-stopping videos seen by thousands of eyes on social media.

Why should I learn to make videos?

So you can continue to profit off your creative projects and business. Sleep softly at night knowing your work is gaining the right attention from the right people in the right places.

Of all the ways you could standout in the hyper crowded digital space known as the internet, making videos is the single best way to do it.


Because we can’t hear your writing

We can’t see your voice

Pictures can’t move

And we can’t experience your emotions without a soundtrack

With video, we can hear, see, and experience your story all at once.

Videos bring stories to life.

Videos combine all the best parts of writing, pictures, graphics, speaking, sound effects, and music, to craft a story that invokes your audience’s emotions, grabs attention, and gets people involved in your mission.

Go from video newbie to creating a short video guaranteed to boost attention, reach, and sales

in 2 weeks or less.

Who is this course for?


Do you struggle to promote your work, get clients, and be seen in a crowded market?

Digital content and course creators

Do you have trouble promoting the digital products and services you’re selling?

People with something to say!

Do you just love cream soda so much that you just want to let everybody know why it’s the bee’s knees?

The Video Storytelling Promise:

I’ll be teaching you the creative process I use to make video trailers which get seen by thousands of people on Twitter.

It’s the process I’ve used to make videos to help high caliber clients such as Robbie Crabtree, Ali Abdaal, Andrew Barry, Chris Sparks – and many others – promote their projects and boost sales.

How is this course different?

Simple tutorials under one roof.

Google “video editing tutorial”
Gazillion results.
Ain’t nobody got time for that.
Get tutorials on video editing, all in one curated package.

Just the basics. No fancy stuff.

A process so simple your grandma could learn it

Unless your name is Spielberg or Pixar, fancy stuff is a distraction. You can make great videos without fancy effects. Just watch any of mine!

Not just a video editing course.

I teach the basics of video editing to teach the fundamentals of storytelling.
It’s not the effects that make you love a video.
It’s the subtle stuff that does the trick: timing, pacing, emotion, music choice, drama — that’s why you watch your favorite videos over and over again.
YouTube tutorials focus on technical stuff. I take a best of both worlds approach:

A focus on the technical and emotional side of video editing.

What will I learn?

Basic video editing techniques.
For any skill level.
With any software.
To tell any story.

Here’s the fun part.

You’ll learn video storytelling and create your video in real-time.

I’ll show you how to pick and edit music.
You’ll pick and edit music for your video.
I’ll show you how to record voiceovers.
You’ll record voiceovers for your video.

I’ll show you how to develop your storytellers sense, using anime commercials and movie trailers as examples.

What tools do I need?

Any video editing software

Even free, basic editing software will work! I use Movie Studio 15. Whichever editing tool you pick should work just fine. While some editing tools look different than others, they’re all built with the same key features, something I cover in the first module.


Canva is a ludicrously simple yet powerful (and free!) graphic design tool I use to do stuff I can’t do with Movie Studio 15. Stuff like better fonts, making rounded videos, finding stock footage and icons, some animations – all stuff I cover in module 2.

Any royalty-free music site

I use a site called Storyblocks to find music for my videos. In module 3 I’ll teach you how to pick the right music to find your perfect story-music-fit.

Optional gear:

A microphone to record voiceovers

Mic shy? No problem. Recording your voice is totally optional. I do it to add an extra layer of audio variety to my videos. Totally up to you.

A camera, webcam, or smartphone to film yourself

Camera shy? No problem. Filming yourself is totally optional. I film myself to add another layer of visual variety to my videos. Again, totally up to you.

When you’re finished with the course

you’ll have a polished, 30-second to 2-minute video about something or someone that matters to you. Plus the design skills to make a video that grabs attention all across the world.

Oh, and your friends might as you, “how the hell did you learn to do all this?”

You can make a video for your favorite artist

And he saw it! | 1.1k views on Twitter

You can make a video for your favorite band

And they saw it!

You can make a video for your friends on social media

Monica Lim created this after taking the beta version of this course.

You can make a video to promote your friend’s podcast

You can make a video to promote your online course

1.8k views on Twitter

I can’t wait to see what stories you’ll tell.

Learn to edit thumb-stopping videos that help promote your products, events, and courses while you sleep.

“Paul’s videos are nothing short of remarkable. Try this: close your eyes and just listen to them. Magic. Then watch them again. Magic! They’ve helped me capture and share the essence of what I’m teaching like nothing else I’ve tried.”

-Andrew Barry, “The Course Guy”

No theory.

And nothing complicated.

Because theories and complications get us nowhere.

Most video editing software comes loaded confusing doohickeys and gizmobobs.

The way I see it, doohickeys and gizmobobs are distractions.

Most videos get ignored.
Mine don’t.
And neither will yours.

If you want to express yourself, you might as well go all out.

What’s included?

1. Tutorials you can watch at anytime.

This course is self-paced. You can progress as fast or as slow as you like.

2. Access to a discord with me + other students

Ask video questions. Get video answers.

3. Not boring content

We’ve all taken online courses as boring as jury duty. To spice things up, I’ve added the same humor, style, and visual variety familiar to all my videos.

4. Simple explanations for total video noobs

Each tutorial is succinct, clear, and totally practical.

Meet your teacher

Hey, I’m Paul LeCrone. In high school I taught myself how to make videos with basic editing tools. Today, digital brands and entrepreneurs hire me to make videos to capture the essence of their products.

I’ve worked with Ali Abdaal, Robbie Crabtree, Andrew Barry, Nate Kadlac, Chris Sparks — creating videos for their brands with the same basic tools we cover in this course.

Go from video newbie to creating a short video guaranteed to boost attention, reach, and sales

Have you heard the good word?

“I truly had no idea what I wanted in a video and Paul created something for me that blew my wildest expectations out of the water. Friends and family STILL reference the “cool video they saw” about my community. I couldn’t advocate for Paul or his talent enough.”

Cullin McGrath, Founder of Writer’s Bloc, Operations at On Deck

“If Cam Houser gets you comfortable in front of the camera, then Paul LeCrone gets you comfortable in the editing room.”

-Ritesh Reddy, writer

“Paul is a wizard”

Robbie Crabtree, Creator of On Deck Performative Speaking