Following The Pursuit Of Creative Excellence

Hey, I’m Paul LeCrone

I’m a writer, podcaster, and creator of trailers for my favorite communities and courses.

Everyday, I post about creativity + self-improvement. It’s kind of like Seth Godin’s blog, except it’s not written by Seth Godin. It’s written by me.

Every week, I send out The Hey Penguin Newsletter. Hey Penguin includes tips for improving yourself through creativity, plus a bunch of extra goodies like drafts of blog posts, art I’m digging, letters from my audience, and previews of podcast episodes.

Speaking of podcasts…

Twice a week I host a podcast about the pursuit of creative excellence. Previous guests include Austin Calvert, Andrew Barry of Curious Lion, Cullin McGrath of Writer’s Bloc, Shelby Smith, Pranav Mutatkar, Chris Jordan, and many more.