Paul LeCrone

Movie trailers for the creator economy

(Note: fan made! Lex Fridman did not pay me to make this)
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how i work

I’m a one-man production studio. I take care of:


My trailers capture the essence of what makes your brand special. While I carefully consider all the footage, copywriting, branding and design elements you send me, only the essentials make it into the final cut.

creative direction

20% of my work takes place in the editing room. The other 80% takes place in my brain.

I consider your audience. I consider the stories you want to tell. I consider the people whose lives you wish to change for the better. I take everything into account, often tossing dozens of meh ideas into my mental trashcan before coming up with a few wow ideas – the ideas that’ll stop thumbs from scrolling away.


Music is the lifeblood of any trailer. I spend as many hours as it takes sorting through my vast, professional music library to delicately select a track that synthesizes with the journey you’re seeking to take people on.

audio editing

I take care of audio editing, adjusting the loudness of voices, music, and sound effects. The audio of your trailer will sound crystal clear on phones and desktops. More important, the voice of your brand will resonate through a kaleidoscope of music, color, and emotion.

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let’s work together

If you’d like to hire me to make a trailer, please email me at:

To assure I deliver you the best trailer for your brand, I take on no more than 3 clients at a time.