I’m a video dude.

I make videos to help creators
tell exciting stories.

On Deck Course Creators Week X

Performative Speakers with Robbie Crabtree

Prototype trailer for Ali Abdaal’s Part Time YouTuber Academy

It’s Gotta Be the Mic with Nate Kadlac

How can I help you?

“I want to make videos myself!”

Sure. I can help you with that.

Have you heard the good word?

“If Cam Houser gets you comfortable in front of the camera, then Paul LeCrone gets you comfortable in the editing room.”
-Ritesh Reddy, writer

“I truly had no idea what I wanted in a trailer and Paul created something for me that blew my wildest expectations out of the water. Friends and family STILL reference the “cool video they saw” about my community. I couldn’t advocate for Paul or his talent enough.”
Cullin McGrath, Founder of Writer’s Bloc, Operations at On Deck

“Paul is a wizard.”
-Robbie Crabtree

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